Free Appraisals / Buying

Free Appraisals;
Mita Arts Gallery actively purchases prints and offers free appraisals.
Basically, we deal with only original Japanese prints and paintings from the 18th – 20th century.
Please note the works that are illustrated on our web site.
If you have any idea of the values of your prints or paintings, please do not hesitate to advise.
However, please do note that the market is constantly changing, and is most often based upon the Japanese YEN value, which is constantly fluctuating.

Whether you would like to sell a single print, or an entire collection,
Mita Arts Gallery is always interested in purchasing fine prints and at the top market value.
In order to properly appraise your prints, good images will be needed, along with any of the following information, if possible:

  • JPG image (front and back) if possible; otherwise scans or photos.
  • Artist and Title (as far as known)
  • Other known information, such as size, condition, date, etc.
Sending Prints To Japan;
Sending prints to Japan is never a problem.
Our experienced staff will advise you how best to ship and how to safely pack your artworks.
If it is a normal ukiyo-e size, we recommend that you send it in a FedEx large box. Also, we are even able to provide packing materials to you.
Shipping cost, may sometimes even be at our expense.
Tokyo is the largest and most active place to sell your Japanese prints at the highest possible prices as quickly and easily and safely as possible.

Apply for appraisals

For free appraisals, please contact us or email the images of your prints and paintings to Ken Caplan :

Major artists of interest;
Charles Bartlett Choki
Eisen Eishi
Eisho Eisui
Elizabeth Keith Foujita
Goyo Harunobu
Hiroshige Hokusai
Hosh Kawase Hasui
Kiyochika Kiyomitsu
Kiyonaga Kiyonobu
Koryusai Kotondo
Kunisada Kuniyoshi
Kyosai Masanobu
Moronobu Munakata
Paul Jacoulet Saito Kiyoshi
Sharaku Shinsui
Shunei Shunko
Shunro Shunsen
Shunsho Toyokuni
Toyonari Toyonobu
Utamaro Yoshida Hiroshi